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  • About Pen Display Tablets
    Bosto Kingtee 22HDX Pen Display Tablet

    Digital artists generally rely on the classic graphics tablet and stylus as the input device for their creative software applications. Although handling a stylus is more expressive than a mouse, essentially it is the same thing because your eye is on the screen and your hand is somewhere else. This action is counterintuitive and hinders creativity; "One of the longest, oldest romances is between the eye and the hand," observes Master Penman Jake Weidmann. Bosto pen display tablets remove this barrier.

    Like a graphics tablet, a pen display tablet connects to a computer loaded with software for painting, drawing, photo editing, etc. However, the pen display tablet differs in that it's actually a monitor that you draw on with a stylus (pen). This experience resonates with the artist as the device mimics the traditional medium of drawing instinctively with natural eye-hand coordination.

    Fine Artist Benjamin Mitchley specializes in oil and acrylic painting, scenic painting, drawing, traditional and digital illustration, 2D cut-out and frame-by-frame animation." I started out in early 2014 with a 14 inch Bosto tablet; surprisingly finding this as comfortable as working on a traditional canvas or paper surface. The speed and quality of my work improved, and I could now create a digital artwork without taking away my traditional way of working on canvas or paper."

    The pen display tablet is an essential element for creative work in the digital medium. Anthony O Donnell (pictured), Senior Artist, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe/Evolution Studios uses the Bosto Kingtee 22HDX for a mixture of 2D concept/comic related artwork and also for game related art such as texturing and sculpting. "I love working on the tablet and it has improved my workflow considerably in all areas."

  • About Bosto

    bostoBosto International, established in 2005, is today a leading innovator and centre of excellence in the field of pen display tablet technology. The Chinese company has a culture of cooperation and works closely with Japanese and Israeli research institutes, and with computer software multinationals. Bosto fully understands the creative process and strives to develop practical and cost effective professional quality products for everyday use by artists and designers at every level.


  • About Us

    We are Bosto's authorized Canadian online distributor based locally in Abbotsford BC. Our association with Bosto started in 2012 when we began supplying Bosto Kingtee tablets to Africa and the Middle East.

    The Bosto product range has evolved and now enjoys the well deserved reputation among professional and amateur creatives as the preferred alternative to high priced equivalents. Our mission is to offer Bosto tablets to the local Canadian digital art and design community with the assurance of value for money and top class product support. We aim to deliver the level of buying experience and support that we would expect for ourselves; happily our many satisfied clients prove this with positive feedback and reviews.

    We host the Bosto User Group forum to support the global Bosto user community. In turn the user group facilitates community-based product support backed by factory engineers, which helps to maintain low product prices for the benefit of everyone. The user group is important to us and provides vital feedback from the user community.

    We take great care in providing objective information to help our clients make informed buying decisions. This ensures complete satisfaction, knowing that expectations will be met when the product arrives. And our clients are assured of excellent value because we supply products at factory prices, directly from the factory or from a local distribution centre, with the added value of premium personal service and factory-backed support.

    After making your purchase we want to hear from you, so please do write a review. Your feedback is invaluable for others, and if you are happy then we will be happy too

    Bosto Canada Team


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